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    Welcome to the Anythingforums, where you can talk about anything. well almost anything, there are a few rules but in general we just go by common sense.

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    World and Tech News

    Jokes 'fly' over unusual name (Posted by Bookworm on June 23 2013)
    (CNN) – Call it a new direction in celebrity baby names.

    The Twitter universe exploded overnight following reports by TMZ and E! Online that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their baby girl North West.

    It wasn’t long before the jokes started flying.

    “Kim and Kanye would have named their baby South West but that dang airline beat them to it!” comedian Fortune Feimster tweeted.

    A Twitter post by Tracy Behr stuck with the directional humor.

    “At least Kim and Kanye didn’t have twins … they couldn’t name one kid North West without fairly naming the other kid South West.”

    http://kdvr.com/2013/06/21/jokes-fly-over-...nye-wests-baby/...(Read more)
    (0 Replies | Last post by Bookworm on June 23 2013)

    'Killer bees' leave Texas man dead (Posted by Bookworm on June 16 2013)
    A Texas man was stung to death after he drove his tractor into a pile of wood that concealed a hive of 40,000 "killer bees," authorities and family members said Sunday.

    Every inch of exposed skin was covered with stings on the body of Larry Goodwin, 62, of Moody, Texas, family members told NBC station KCEN of Waco.

    "He had thousands and thousands of bee stings on his face and arms," his daughter Tanya said.

    Goodwin died Saturday when the Africanized honeybees swarmed him after his tractor struck a pile of wood that included an abandoned chicken coop where the bees had built their hive. The hive encompassed 22 honeycombs harboring an estimated 40,000 bees.

    A woman and her daughter who tried to help Moody were stung about 100 times between them, KCEN reported. Neither woman has been identified, but McLennan County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Cawthon said the older woman was in serious condition, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported.

    Afri...(Read more)
    (0 Replies | Last post by Bookworm on June 16 2013)

    Judge overturns La. town's fortunetelling ban (Posted by Bookworm on July 14 2012)
    ALEXANDRIA, La. (AP) — A federal judge has struck down a central Louisiana ordinance banning fortunetelling, palm reading, astrology and similar activities in the city of Alexandria.

    U.S. District Judge Dee Drell's ruling Wednesday concurs with a magistrate's conclusion that the ordinance is unconstitutional.

    Rachel Adams is a fortune-teller who says she accepts donations but doesn't charge for her services. She sued the city after a police officer issued her a court summons in 2011 for violating the ordinance. A violation can result in daily penalties of up to $500.

    The city argued the business of fortunetelling is a fraud and inherently deceptive, but U.S. Magistrate James Kirk concluded that fortunetelling is free speech protected by the First Amendment.

    Adams told The Town Talk newspaper last year that she is a fifth-generation psychic.

    Read more)
    (2 Replies | Last post by fragged one on January 31 2013)

    100-year-old finishes marathon, earns record (Posted by Bookworm on October 19 2011)
    (AP) TORONTO - A 100-year-old runner became the oldest person to complete a full-distance marathon when he finished the race in Toronto on Sunday.

    Indian-born Fauja Singh earned a spot in the Guinness World Book of Records for his accomplishment.

    It took Singh more than eight hours to cross the finish line — more than six hours after Kenya's Kenneth Mungara won the event for the fourth straight year — and he was the last competitor to complete the course.

    http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/10/17/...n20121401.shtml...(Read more)
    (0 Replies | Last post by Bookworm on October 19 2011)

    Ensure your email address is valid! (Posted by Red Squirrel on June 21 2011)
    In the far future, I may be merging this forum with Iceteks. This will probably require you to reset your password, which will require your email to be valid.

    If an account on Iceteks exists with the same email then that will become the primary account.

    I have not decided 100% how or if I will even do this, but it's just a thought at this point.

    No matter what your email should always be up to date anyway, so this is just a general reminder, but if I go with this, it is very important.

    It's just an idea in the air at this point....(Read more)
    (1 Replies | Last post by fragged one on February 01 2013)

    Attention: Change your passwords (Posted by Red Squirrel on January 28 2011)
    Another website on this server has been compromised and it is a good possibility that this forum's database has been accessed and recorded.

    Passwords are stored in a irreversible hash so they are not in clear text, however a reverse attack to try every possible hash combination until it matches, is a possible way to reverse the hash. This can take long, but it is important that passwords be changed before they are reversed from the stored hashes from the possibly compromised database. It is also advised that if you use this password anywhere else, that you change it there too.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. A full security audit will be conducted and the hacked site has been disabled until a solution is found to stop the attacks....(Read more)
    (2 Replies | Last post by Chris Vogel on January 30 2011)

    Wiki leaks (Posted by Bookworm on December 01 2010)
    Do you think the release of all that classified information is going to damage our ability to gather future information?...(Read more)
    (0 Replies | Last post by Bookworm on December 01 2010)

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